Thursday, March 17, 2011

An SVT kind of day....

Hmmm, looks like day 3 of apples for Ethan takes a backseat to whatever seems to be bothering Ellie. Finally called her cardiologist. He is sneaking us in real quick tomorrow probably getting a moniter for her so we can see what's goig on. If she's having episodes, they are lightning quick- gone before I can hear it when I grab her for a listen. She has been sounding nice and slow, but she has been complaining of her chest hurting sporadically over the last few weeks. I wasn't sure if she was making some of it up, or if she was having tummy troubles, but today she pointed right to her chest and said that was hurting. *sigh* Since she loves going to the grocery store, I assume she wasnt playing games when she started crying in the car that she wanted to go home because her chest hurt. Poor girl. What am I going to do with her? At least her blood sugar was good, she looked awful, so I actually expected that to be low. THANK GOODNESS I have an awesome pediatric cardiologist!!!! I just adore him. He is going to break open a bottle of champagne (his own admission, LOL) when she gets her ablation and is forever (HOPEFULLY) done with cardiac issues! Hahaha, what will I do with my time then?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA. Well, here is hoping for an uneventful evening, for her, and Ethan. Did you hear that Ethan? No throwing up or ER visits for you either! Oh, I just crack myself up sometimes. At least Gabriel is happy. Price Chopper had his Enjoy Life choco chip cookies. Life is good!!!!

New 2011 study done in Isreal on FPIES

Here is the link off PubMed. Sadly it appears that it was done with just cows milk, not with other food triggers. Well, the "reactions" are the same anyway.

The Children's Hospital Foundation:

The Children's Hospital Foundation:

Need a worthy charity? Here you go, right on a reputable hospital's website. Please take a second to check it out, as it also has some great links about FPIES. Did you know the longer a child goes without diagnosis the sicker they can become while they are still being exposed to dangerous foods? THANK GOODNESS we caught Ethan early!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome)?

What is FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome)?

Here is a link to a great layman's term explaination of FPIES. It is mis diagnoses alot, and it is unheard of by many (if not most) general health care providers. I hope in part to be able to raise awareness of this to as many as I can. It affects not just a child, but the whole family.


Hello there!
If you are reading this you probably already know me, so we won't need to do to much for introductions. This is my (hopefully) humorous look into my life and all its mis-adventures. Hey, when you have kids, EVERY day is an adventure......

Well, I'm Kristin, married for just under 6 years, and we have 3 children. And, of course, I think my kids are the cutest in the world, so this is pretty much all about them, lol. We always seem to have something going on, major or minor to deal with.
Ellie is 4, a big tomboy princess. I never knew the two could go together, but she totally will be out fishing and playing with worms this summer with Grandpa....probably dressed all in princess gear. Do they have princess fishing poles and tackle boxes? hehehehe, guess I will find out. She loves music, and has informed us that when she turns 5, she wants a pink guitar, and then listed the accessiories that need to come with it. Yeah, she gets that from Daddy. He teaches guitar part time and all the kids love "helping" him play. Not that it slows her down much, she also has a cardiac issue. She is on medication for SVT, a type of arrythmia. Most of the time we don't have any issues with that, but when she gets sick, we worry constantly.
Gabriel is going to be 3 in a few months, and the things he says are constantly amusing me. I swear his vocabulary rivals that of his big sister. He is an incredible active little boy...and soooo skinny! He is underweight, and is allergic to dairy, wheat and orange. He is also a horrible sleeper....and a massive bedhog. lol.
Ethan is the baby, he will be one next month. At first we thought that the 3rd time was the charm...he was growing so well, so happy, didn't seem to have allerergies or spit up. HAHAHAHA. Oh, he has FPIES. Its a lovely food allergy- not a typical food allergy- and it certainly keeps us on our toes. I will see if I can post a link here on it. Basically, he will eat a "trigger" food, be fine for awhile and usually about 2hrs later have a reaction, even up to excesive vomitting and passing out in shock. OTHER THAN THAT little thing (LOL) he is a very happy baby who loves running after his big brother and sister. So thats us. Hi. (waves)