Thursday, March 17, 2011

An SVT kind of day....

Hmmm, looks like day 3 of apples for Ethan takes a backseat to whatever seems to be bothering Ellie. Finally called her cardiologist. He is sneaking us in real quick tomorrow probably getting a moniter for her so we can see what's goig on. If she's having episodes, they are lightning quick- gone before I can hear it when I grab her for a listen. She has been sounding nice and slow, but she has been complaining of her chest hurting sporadically over the last few weeks. I wasn't sure if she was making some of it up, or if she was having tummy troubles, but today she pointed right to her chest and said that was hurting. *sigh* Since she loves going to the grocery store, I assume she wasnt playing games when she started crying in the car that she wanted to go home because her chest hurt. Poor girl. What am I going to do with her? At least her blood sugar was good, she looked awful, so I actually expected that to be low. THANK GOODNESS I have an awesome pediatric cardiologist!!!! I just adore him. He is going to break open a bottle of champagne (his own admission, LOL) when she gets her ablation and is forever (HOPEFULLY) done with cardiac issues! Hahaha, what will I do with my time then?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA. Well, here is hoping for an uneventful evening, for her, and Ethan. Did you hear that Ethan? No throwing up or ER visits for you either! Oh, I just crack myself up sometimes. At least Gabriel is happy. Price Chopper had his Enjoy Life choco chip cookies. Life is good!!!!

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